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Concerts and Musical Workshops for children Years 1-6.
Tailored towards the National Curriculum for music and supplementing learning across many Curriculum subjects.
Years 1+2: "The World Around Us" (Animals, Weather)
Years 3+4: "Musical Giants" (Composers, Genres, Instruments)
Years 5+6: "A Journey Through Space" (Planets)
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Concerts are 30 minutes (£45). Workshops are 45 minutes for Years 1-2 (£68) and 1 hour for Years 3-6 (£90).
We have a minimum fee of £135 per school visit. This means a minimum of 1x concert and 1x 90min workshop, or similar. 
We will work with you to structure the day as you choose, taking into account your timetable and our break. 
 Please fill in the contact form with any questions or to request a booking and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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