• Ulmus Trio

Day Centre Concert

27th June 2018

A lovely morning was spent at a local church Day Centre in Birmingham, presenting a concert to the attendees. We presented a varied programme balancing classical repertoire with more contemporary songs. We love inviting our audience to join in, and a particular hit with this group seemed to be our medley of pieces from 'Mary Poppins'. The group got some exercise in waving fabric kites and clapping along, as well as warming up their vocal chords singing along to 'Feed the Birds'!

They also seemed to enjoy our final piece of the morning, 'Can Can alla Rossini', which is a 2-minute medley containing extracts from 40+ tunes. Almost as soon as they had begun to sing one tune, another appeared! We were fortunate enough to be able to record this concert and you can hear some of their enjoyment on the recording.

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